As a beginner, it is important that you learn everything correctly from the start. I myself focus on small details and precision, so it is important to me that you learn to work correctly from day one. I prefer to teach 1:1 or a maximum of two people per class, as I must have 100% time for the individual course participant.

I do not plan dates for the various classes, as I teach by appointment. Then you know you are 100% in the center.

According to the new legal requirement, basic education must live up to the 160 hours which include professional course and hygiene course.

The following basic education is offered

Prices ex VAT and starter kit:

- Ombre Brows: NOK 49,500 ex VAT including starter kit consisting of machine, pigments, needles and other necessary tools to get started

- Eyeliner 3 techniques (classic + Ombre eyeliner): NOK 39,500 ex VAT including small starter kit without machine and needles

- Lip Blush + Dark lip correction: NOK 39,500 including a small starter kit without machine and needles

If you are completely green in area, I would recommend starting with Ombre Brows, then you can build up when you have full control of the technique.

I would never recommend starting several techniques at the same time. You really can't accommodate more than one technique at once.

What does the basic course include:

  • Theory of skin and products
  • Customer management (guidance)
  • How shading technique on different skin types must be handled correctly (under the instructor's observation)
  • Learn about the different diseases we need to know
  • Learn correct working posture
  • Learn to measure eyebrows, eyeliner and lips accurately and quickly. Make your work faster and easier.
  • Learn about anesthesia
  • Learn to take great photos for marketing
  • Lots of training and exercises on artificial skins and real models
  • Color theory
  • Free online support after the course
  • Course price can be purchased with or without starter kit
  • Course includes lunch and drinks


Precision course is created for you who want to refine your skills in permanent make-up. This is a one-on-one training session where I am dedicated to helping you solve the challenges you face in your daily practice.

The course only applies to those who have the basic experience within the technique

DKK 12,000 per technique per day. ex VAT. If you buy more than 1 technique, the price is DKK 9500. ex VAT per day for each technique

  • Ombré brows
  • Eyeliner Classic + lash sealing
  • Ombre Eyeliner
  • Lip blush
  • Hairstrokes with machine (requires you to have the basic experience)

A deposit must be paid in advance

The deposit is not returned 7 days before the course if you cancel.

Illness or absence
In the event of illness, accident or other absence, it is important that you cancel at least 10 hours before the course starts by sending an SMS to 2 8309809, but the deposit will be forfeited and NOK 2,500 must be paid again to arrange a new date


Fluffy Brows Course

5-day course including machine Establish your expertise with this technique and be a leader in the industry.

Gain the skills to create flawless hairstrokes from day one:

You will learn to:

  • Style in accordance with the natural direction of hair growth.
  • Work correctly on different skin types.
  • Apply the correct strength and pressure with the appropriate needles.
  • Create an impressive 3D effect.

As the teams are small, it is recommended to secure your place quickly.

Interested parties please contact me for more information and price via message or send an e-mail to:

The course is held in Odense.


on the road


As I prefer 1:1 training or a maximum of two per team, I do not plan: If you are interested in a course, you can contact me to agree a date to start the education

Basic Course Program

On this course you will get basic knowledge about applying lashes one by one. It is intensive training that includes both theoretical and practical learning.

  • Basics about Eyelash Extension in Single method.
  • Indications and contraindications for eyelash extension treatment.
  • Eye diseases.
  • Comparison of different eyelash types and curves (Slim, Faux Mink, Silk, Real Mink).
  • A detailed description of all Eyelash Extensions Accessories (patches, tweezers, aids, tools).
  • Eyelashes and eye shape analysis as well as lash preparation for treatment (theory).
  • Design basis.
  • Eyelash Extensions allergy.
  • Working positions and hygiene at the workplace.
  • Practical work (on model).
  • Filling and removal of lashes.

The course takes 2 days, 3-5 weeks apart. On the first course day, we focus on your theoretical and practical knowledge. After this, we meet again to make sure you are ready to offer Eyelash Extensions and we can answer all your questions. The second course day is also a training day where you show how you have practiced and where you have time to ask any questions that may arise.

You get :

  • 5% fixed discount on all products at (the discount increases over time to 25%!)
  • Tilting technician starter pack
  • A course certificate
  • Access to our closed support group on FB
  • Support from your instructor and from JoLash



As I prefer 1:1 training or a maximum of two per team, I do not plan: If you are interested in a course, you can contact me to agree a date to start the education

Russian Volume Eyelsah Extensions Course

The course is for eyelash technicians who already deal with Single Eyelash Extensions 1:1.
We recommend a minimum of 6 months of working with Singel Lashes before signing up for a Volume Eyelash Extension course.
Volume lashes are super fine and incredibly light, and several eyelashes are used per natural eyelash to create fantastic volume on all types of eyelashes. The lighter weight of extensions also means that they are healthier for the natural lashes and will generally last much longer than classic eyelash extensions.

Volume curus program:
Here you can learn, practice and see how to apply Russian Volume Lashes.
We show you how you can easily learn to make fans (small fans of 0.03, 0.05 or 0.07 lashes) and which tools are the best for the Volume technician.

  • Indications and Contraindications for Volume Eyeleash Extensions.
  • History of Russian Volume
  • All about perfect tabs.
  • Applying volume lashes.
  • Bottom row rule
  • Theory and tricks that can make your work easier and faster.
  • Different methods for making volume tabs (practical tasks on artificial lashes).
  • A detailed description of the best tools for Volume methods.
  • Practical work (on model).

1 day NOK 6500 INCL. VAT

2 days NOK 10,000 INCL. VAT


As I prefer 1:1 training or a maximum of two per team, I do not plan: If you are interested in a course, you can contact me to agree a date to start the education

All Inclusive Lash Lift Course NOK 4995 including starter kit and VAT

  • Lash Lift
  • Dyeing
  • Organic Lash Botox
  • Lamination with keratin

One of the fastest and most effective ways to get the most beautiful curved lashes for many weeks is the Lash Lift treatment. Lash Lift with Organic Lash Botox and colouring, gives a whole new luxurious meaning to the delicious eye treatment. On our one-day course, you will learn how to choose the right template, how to work with heavy eyelids and what to do if the eyelashes have been bent over or have not lifted well enough. We will teach you tricks with rods that will help you achieve perfect results every time. In addition to that, you will learn how the lashes should be colored and treated with Keratin and Organic Lash Botox, to ensure optimal treatment.


Brows lamination/lift course NOK 4995 incl. starter kit

  • Brow lamination step by step
  • Brow anatomy
  • Bryn symmetry and geometry
  • Coloring by brow lamination
  • About allergies
  • Contraindications
  • Hair removal with Safewax products
  • Finishing and care

In this one-day course, you will get all the knowledge you need to get started with the popular brow treatment – ​​brow lamination.

We will tell you everything about this fantastic treatment and all the possibilities it can conjure up, as well as guide you step by step in the treatment, teach you everything about the anatomy of the brow, the anatomy of the hair, and teach you how to properly style brows and dye them.

You will also learn about post-treatment with keratin and how the customer should look after, care for and style the brows after treatment.


NOK 7,500 for both

The course price includes a starter kit for lash lift/brows lift, small snacks, coffee and tea, the manual, a voucher with a 10% discount on lash/brows lift products, and a certificate. After the course, you will get access to a closed group on FB as well as access to the customer discount system where you will save from 5 – 25% on products.

Do you already have a lash/brow lift course? Then you can take part in our Come On Over demo , where you can see the entire course of treatment, as well as hear the difference between your current system and our lash/brow lift. It only costs NOK 999

After Demo you will get access to our Loyal Customer Group.


As I prefer 1:1 training or a maximum of two per team, I do not plan: If you are interested in a course, you can contact me to agree a date to start the training.

All Around Brows - is a 2 in 1 course where you learn about Brow lamination and henna brows

Eyebrows are not just random hairs that grow above the eyes. Brows mean a lot today and that is why we focus on perfect results, which can be achieved both with brow henna, tint – coloring or makeup. On our one-day course, you will learn how to professionally measure eyebrows and adapt the shape to the customer's face, as well as how the customer should be treated in order to be 100% satisfied with the result. You will work with wire, brow gauge, wax, tweezers and many other exciting tools that will help you style brows that look like a million!
We focus on nature and durable results, so you will hear about different options and read about colors from Brow Henna, Refectocil and Hairwell.

All Around Brows course program:

  • Eyebrows - anatomy
  • Bryn - symmetry and geometry
  • Proportions
  • Perception of shapes
  • Brow shapes
  • Bryn drawing and correction
  • Male brows
  • Perception of colors
  • Color mixing in relation to color type
  • Coloring vs. Henna, pros and cons
  • Henna – taboo, allergy and PPD
  • Bleaching of eyebrows
  • 4brow henna step by step
  • Brows lift step by step
  • Hair removal with wax and tweezers
  • Brow cutting
  • Brow makeup
  • Practicing on real models
  • Examination

Price NOK 9,500 including VAT

Including Brows Henna and Brows lift starter kit
Course price includes small snacks, coffee and tea, the manual, and of course certificate.

At DiamondBrows Academy, we know that achieving success takes hard work. Over a long period of time, we have worked hard and purposefully to develop and improve our courses, so that we can now proudly come forward and offer an education system within permanent makeup, eyelash extensions, brow lamination, henna brows and lash lift. During the training at DiamondBrows Academy, we assure our course participants a good time for learning, including how the various tools are used for the various trainings, rules for hygiene, customer instructions for pre- and post-treatments as well as a thorough presentation of the theory behind the course. The trainee is also allowed to carry out treatments on real models, under the supervision of My Dinh. We are very keen to offer the best service and the best courses. That is why we provide online support to our course participants and customers, where questions can be freely asked about knowledge about the course and products.

There have been new laws regarding permanent makeup, so it is very important for you to be guided and get the help you need so that you can start correctly. The most important thing is that the instructor you choose for your permanent makeup training is approved by an approved trade association, otherwise it is illegal to offer permanent makeup with an unapproved certificate.

You are always welcome to call me and ask all the questions you need before you decide to take the course.