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About My Dinh – The founder of LovelySkin and DiamondBrows

My Dinh was born in Vietnam but grew up in Denmark. She is the owner of the beauty clinic Lovely Skin, which is located in the heart of Odense in Denmark and has more than 10 years of experience in the beauty industry – especially in the field of permanent make-up. Although My has plenty of experience in the beauty industry, she is continuously working on improving herself, which means gaining more knowledge about the beauty industry. In relation to this, she travels around the world (almost every year) with the objective to learn the latest techniques, but also to be inspired by the absolute best artists around the world. By learning about the latest techniques and gaining a lot of knowledge and inspiration, she is today developing her own technique benefitting her own clients. My Dinh teaches both at home and abroad. In short, My is a perfectionist and focuses a lot on quality. She has a sense of aesthetics, and everything she delivers, she delivers with pride.

About Diamondbrows

DiamondBrows is a school where we provide courses to individuals who want to learn how to use the micro blading technique, which is a preferred and sought after technique today. At DiamondBrows we offer group training, which will last 4 days. It is important to know that a VIP course is also possible to choose. Unlike our ordinary 4-days course, this course will only last 3 days.

Important to know: The micro blading course that we offer is not divided into a basic and advanced course. At DiamondBrows the micro blading course will last 4 days and in these 4 days you will learn all that is important to know behind the micro blading technique. In other words, each student gets the equivalent of two courses in one (basic and advanced) and therefore is not in need of having to take courses in two rounds. As course providers, we focus hugely on the individual student.

To create natural looks and secure happy customers and students

At DiamondBrows we strive to make our customers 100% satisfied. We know that eyebrows are an important part of the facial framework and helps you enhance your best facial features. Therefore, we strive to create as natural looks as possible that exceeds our customer’s expectations. DiamondBrows is for everyone. Adjusting and forming the eyebrows is not only for those who just want “more beautiful” eyebrows. At DiamondBrows it is possible to recreate eyebrows for clients who suffer from diseases that lead to loss of hair growth. Diseases such as cancer or alopecia etc.

We know that it takes hard work to achieve success. In a long time, we have worked hard and focused to develop and improve our courses, so that we now proud can step forward and offer an education in PMU. During the education at DiamondBrows we assure our students plenty of time to learn how to use the different tools, rules of hygiene, customer guides for pre and post-treatments and they will get a well rounded presentation of the theory behind micro blading. We believe that it is essential to ensure that the students have the opportunity to apply the theory behind PMU to practice by allowing our students perform treatments by themselves on models – of course under supervision by some of Denmark’s most talented cosmetic artists as their coaches. At DiamondBrows we care about having the best service and the best courses. Therefore, we provide online support to our students and customers, who are free to ask questions in relation to the theory behind the micro blading technique, our equipment and products.

To be the most preferred brand by both our costumers and students

At DiamondBrows we are driven by quality, knowledge, security and enthusiasm and these values have been the foundation behind our success. We aim to be in constant development – and this is achieved by using today’s best tools, products, accessories and pigments to ensure our customers and students the very best knowledge, quality and lastly safety which still is and will remain our top priority. It is important to emphasize that all certifications meet EU’s safety and medical requirements in this area. We strive to be the best in everything we do, and not least, it is important for us to create a safe environment for our students.

We look forward to welcoming you at DiamondBrows!

Today Eyebrow Embroidery (micro blading) is the most preferred technique, if having a set of beautiful and natural looking eyebrows is what you desire – and this is for a good reason. Micro blading is a form of permanent makeup (PMU) and this preferred method is carried out by gently depositing color pigments in the outer layer of skin on the eyebrows. By micro blading it is possible to adjust and shape thin, sparse, asymmetric or missing eyebrows by using custom-made needles and equipment, which are EU-approved. The result of micro blading will ensure that the costumer leaves the clinic with a set of natural and realistic looking eyebrows. Micro blading is a unique opportunity for those who either are missing a part of their eyebrows or to those who wish for a completely different and natural look.

Micro blading is only a semi permanent make-up. This is because of the fact that we only deposit the color pigments in epidermis (the outer layer of skin) and on the top of the outer layer of the dermis. As it is a semi permanent make-up, the color pigments deposited in the skin will eventually be evened out, which means that the color will disappear after the first treatment. A treatment can last between 8 months and 2 years depending on the types of treatment we deliver and the type of skin our client has. To achieve the best result, we advise our clients to refresh their knowledge on PMU (permanent make-up) at least once a year average.
Skin types can vary and depends on each individual. Therefore, because of a specific skin type it can mean that the client with this specific skin type may need another treatment every 6 months. Whereby others can wait more than one year before the color disappears because of their skin type. By maintaining your eyebrows, you will ensure a good result, which means having a set of beautiful and natural looking eyebrows. We will help you achieve this result at DiamondBrows!

During these 4 days each student

– To apply DiamondBrows’ tools and products, including colour pigments, needles, measuring equipment etc. These are EU approved and is of the highest quality.

– To apply the correct working position during micro blading treatments.

– About customer instructions before and after treatment.

– The various techniques to suit each client’s eyebrows.

– To measure eyebrows correctly using Golden Ratio.

– How treatments must be performed on clients. Each student gets to perform treatments on models

– To take good quality pictures without using editing programs. These images can be used later for

During the course, the students will also get a full live demonstration by the master, which gives a glimpse of how micro blading treatments can be performed by using various tools. After completing the course, each

At DiamondBrows we strive to offer the best service, therefore we will provide our students with 6 months of online support, where they are free to ask as many questions as they wish in relation to the understanding of the micro blading technique, our equipment and products.

The price for a 4-day course at DiamondBrows costs € 2500 incl. VAT and a starter kit (including a pen, eyebrow measure, pencil, forceps, needles, colour pigments, anaesthetics etc.). Upon registration 30% of the total course price will be made in advance as a deposit. Once the deposit is paid, your registration at DiamondBrows will be confirmed.

+45 2625 4123
Gråbrødre plads 12
5000 Odense C, Denmark
Monday-Friday: 10.00 – 17.00
Saturday: 10.00 – 14-00
Sunday: Closed